The Living Wisdom of The Voice of the Silence, Erica Georgiades (MRes)

The Living Wisdom of
The Voice of the SilenceErica Georgiades (MRes)Dates: Sundays March 3, 10, 17, 24, 31,
Sunday, April 7.TIME: 16:30 Athens Time (14:30 PM UTC/GMT, change on 17 March to 13:30 PM UTC/GMT)For more information click here.
Blavatsky’s most widely read book, The Voice of the Silence, has profound significance in mystical literature. This series of six online classes will explore its practical aspects and delve deeply into its timeless wisdom. Our journey begins with an introduction to The Voice, exploring the path that opens only to those who long for union with the Divine; and its intricate connection to the self. We will delve into Blavatsky’s interpretation of knowledge, truth, belief, and enlightenment challenging conventional wisdom and revealing a transcendental epistemology. In addition, we will look into the mystical experiences described in The Voice, and the relationship between sense impressions and higher states of consciousness. Ultimately, we will discover that The Voice of the Silence is not a mere booklet but a treasure trove of practical wisdom uncovering a transformative power for those who dare to listen to the soundless sound. Erica Georgiades has been an active member of the Theosophical Society Adyar since 1991. She volunteered at the Adyar Archives in Chennai, India, from 1994 to 199, where she lived for two years. She holds several positions within the Theosophical community, including Director of The School of Wisdom of the Theosophical Society Adyar and The European School of Theosophy, Secretary of the International Theosophical History Conferences, Vice-President of The Theosophical Society in Greece, and member of the Art Team of the Theosophical Society Adyar. 

Erica has achieved a Master of Research degree with Distinction in Religious Experience from the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, as well as a postgraduate degree with merit in ancient Mediterranean religions from the same institution. She also holds a BA (Honours) in Philosophy and Psychological Studies from Open University UK. In addition to her academic pursuits, she is actively involved as a deep ecologist and animal-rights activist.
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